Roman Blind tape which way up

Posted by Graham Ross on 13th Jul 2021


Our luxury roman blind tape is a 2cm wide woven polyester tape that comprises a: -

  • 1cm tube which is open at 3cm intervals on one edge. (The tube openings allow for the tape to be attached to the blind first and then the rods inserted later)
  • A continuous loop across the tape stitched at 1cm intervals for the attachment of roman blind cord.

Attaching the Rod Pocket tape

  • Place the tape on these marks with the loops facing you and the openings in the tubing uppermost
  • Stitch as close as possible to the bottom edge of the tape (only one row of stitching necessary)
  • Where the tape meets the edges of the blind fold the tape in and hand or machine finish all the tape edge. (this helps to hold the tape flat against your lining)
  • When your blind is fully finished you can insert the roman blind rods and thread the roman blind cord down from the headrail 

Key Supplies

Tape for Roman Blinds

Roman Blind Cord

Roman Blind Cassette Headrails

Rod, Base Bar & Tape Packs