how to make wave curtains

Posted by Roomserve on 1st Aug 2021

How to create your own stylish wave headed curtain

Just like these

  • If you have an existing standard curtain track or pole then you need to use a slalom wave effect heading tape (very similar to the Rufflette Tempo tape) but with the great  advantage in that it can be used with any standard curtain track/pole. 


  • It is worth noting, however, that to achieve the most stylish look your curtains should be suspended below the track/pole so the wave can flow freely.

Well now, assuming you have made your curtains and are ready to attach the tape there are a few points that need noting

Firstly, Positioning

  • Before sewing, position your tape on your curtain first. You ideally want the wave pleats on each curtain to start at the wall and finish at the wall.
  • To achieve this look at the 3cm deep draw tape that runs the full length of the tape. 
  • It is attached for 3.5cms to the main tape, then 21cm is loose, then 3.5cm attached and so on.
  • Ideally your tape should start and finish at the mid point in the 3.5cm attached bit. This ensures that when it is drawn up the pleats start and finish at the wall 



  • With the hook pockets uppermost and the draw tape towards you attach the wave tape by sewing along the upper and lower edges 

Drawing to size

  • Tease the 2 draw cords from the 3cm deep draw tape at both ends. 
  • Tie the cords together at one end (normally the end where the curtains meet)
  • At the other end slowly begin to pull the draw cords. This will compress the loose section of the draw tape and thus create a series of wave pleats. The depth and density of these pleats varies depending upon how tightly you draw the draw cords
  • Once you are happy with your wave pleats then fold the loose cord and place out of the way 

Hanging your Wave Headed Curtains

  • Along the row of hook pockets choose the wider pockets, hook and attach to your rail/pole

Items you might need

Slalom Wave effect curtain heading tape

Zinc Curtin Hooks